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Table of contents

1 Download programs and install
2 Build your 3D model
3 Make a developed
4 Add Glue tabs
5 Print out, cut out & build

1 Download the following programs and install them into your computer

Google Sketchup

unfold tool

glue tab plugin

If you are familiar with a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file and a vector graphics editor ,
you can export a svg-file with sketchup-svg-outline-plugin.

Installing Sketchup

Getting Started

2 Build a 3D model.

Orbiting the view

Panning the view

Zoom tool

Create a cube.

Draw a rectangle.

Drawing a rectangle
Creating precise rectangles

Pull the face up.

Creating a volume

Pushing and pulling precisely


Draw circles on each face.

Drawing circles



Apply color to the model.

Select all. (Press Ctrl+A)

Selecting multiple entities

Apply Black color to the entities.

Applying materials and color

Deselect all.(Press Ctrl + T or click on an empty space in the drawing area)

Apply white color to each face except circles.

3 Make a developed view.

Switch face style to Monochrome.

Select Plugins>Unfold Tool.

unfold tool

Your mouse pointer should look like the image below.

Select the bottom face(the side "one") .

Click on an adjacent face.

Click on the pip of the side "one" with holding Ctrl key.

Click on the top face(the side "six").

Click on the pip of the side"two" with holding Ctrl key.

Deselect all.(Press Ctrl + T or click on an empty space in the drawing area)…(A)

Select the face "three".…(B)

Click on the top face.…(C)


Click on the pip of the face "three" with holding Ctrl key.…(D)

Repeat the above steps(from A to D) for the face "four" and the "five".

Switch face style to Shaded. Finally the die should look like the image below.

Selecting a single entity

Adding and subtracting from a selection Set

Selecting or deselecting all geometry


5 Add Glue tabs

Select Plugins>Glue Tab.
glue tab plugin


Click on boundary edge to add a glue tab.

Click on the tab.

Press "S" key . Scaling grips will appear around the selected tab.


Select a scaling grip and move it to scale the tab.


Scale tool
Scaling 2D surface or image entities


6 Print out, cut out & assemble your own model.

Switch to parallel projection mode.

Click on the Front View button.

Then click on the Top View button .

Click on the Zoom Extents button to zoom your view to a distance which makes the whole model visible.

Select File>Print preview. The Print Preview dialog box will appear.

Configure print options and then click OK on the Print Preview dialog box.

The Print Preview and Print dialog boxes (Microsoft Windows)

The Print Preview will appear .

Click on the print button. The Print dialog box will appear.

Click OK on the Print dialog box.

Cut the pattern out of paper and build a cube.