3 Make a developed view.

Switch face style to Monochrome.

Select Plugins>Unfold Tool.

unfold tool

Your mouse pointer should look like the image below.

Select the bottom face(the side "one") .

Click on an adjacent face.

Click on the pip of the side "one" with holding Ctrl key.

Click on the top face(the side "six").

Click on the pip of the side"two" with holding Ctrl key.

Deselect all.(Press Ctrl + T or click on an empty space in the drawing area)…(A)

Select the face "three".…(B)

Click on the top face.…(C)


Click on the pip of the face "three" with holding Ctrl key.…(D)

Repeat the above steps(from A to D) for the face "four" and the "five".

Switch face style to Shaded. Finally the die should look like the image below.

Selecting a single entity

Adding and subtracting from a selection Set

Selecting or deselecting all geometry